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  • My name is Pohlu

    I am a 6 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2013. Pohlu is with his brother Jonathan have no adults to care for them, they have a drug addicted Akha Father and Lahu mother who have abandoned them, the parents have no income, shelter or ability to care for the boys. Pohlu enjoys games like chasing, climbing and knuckles with rocks. Thank you for giving this child hope and a future.

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  • My name is Athae

    I am a 5 year old female from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2014. Athae is enjoying being with her sister and experiencing school, regular meals and the opportunity to thrive. Athae has a father addicted to drugs and she was living in a bamboo hut, dirt floor without sanitation or running water with no regular food. Athae will receive full health checks and treatment.

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