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  • My name is Adong

    I am a 9 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2015. Adong is happy playing games like chasing, climbing and knuckles with rocks. Adong is shy but friendly, his favourite food is mango. Adong is a Stateless Akha boy whose family have no land or income, they have fled unrest in Myanmar without sponsorship at Rescue Mission he is at risk of child labour and exploitation.

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  • My name is Acho

    I am a 8 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2015. Acho is a Akha boy from a large family, he is the youngest of 10 from severe poverty in Myanmar, ill health has impacted his family and he needs our care as he is a refugee with no adults to look after him. Acho likes noodles and his favourite animals are birds. Acho is settling in well, going to school and making friends at Rescue Mission.

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  • My name is Booga

    I am a 9 year old female from Myanmar. My birthday is 24/07/2014. Booga is settled into Rescue Mission with excitement, she is happy for the routines which make her feel safe. Booga is an Akha girl abandoned by her parents due to poverty and separated from her sister and young Aunt Meelae. The girls are together again and thankful for regular meals, safe and stable home.

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  • My name is Surachai

    I am a 17 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2006. Surachai is loves soccer and is in Year 9 at High School. Surachai has been at Rescue Mission for 8 years, he is graduating Year 9 soon and would like to attend Technical College to study to be an electrician. Surachai has a Mother living in poverty as his Father has died, he has younger siblings and no possibility for an education. He is so thankful for regular meals and the opportunity to learn, Surachai is a very bright student.

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  • My name is Aya

    I am a 16 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2007. Aya is very responsible and helpful. Aya enjoys soccer and all ball games, Aya is in Year 8 High School, he hopes to enrol into Government Trade College in 2025 to study Building Construction.. Aya's family live in a remote mountainous village where survival is difficult, he has 2 older siblings and his parents are thankful for the opportunity for Aya to break the poverty cycle through education, as their lives are a subsistence living, with no access to health care or any assistance due to being Stateless.

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