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The children we care for will no longer be prey for those who seek to exploit them, and to provide them with the skills they need to have a prosperous future.

The Rescue Mission for Children Inc. began in 1994 and registered as a Non-For-Profit, tax-exempt organisation in Australia. Its purpose is to raise funds to aid in the social advancement and economic development of the Akha Hill tribe group and its children, although its doors are open to any children in need of care.

The Rescue Mission for Children is located in the Mekong Highlands of Thailand, in the Provence of Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is the northernmost province in Thailand and is one of the most rural areas in the country. Half of its northern border separates the province and the nation from Laos and is formed by the Mekong River.


Sponsorship Options

Tier 1: Sponsorship

Provides food & educational fees

Tier 2: Sponsorship

Provides health care, uniforms & all essentials

Tier 3: Operational Fund Donation

Any amount/month
Provides facility maintenance, electricity, water filtration & transport

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Support Our Projects

There are various projects we urgently need at the Rescue Mission for Children, most of the projects are for the upkeep and maintenance for the centre to operate and continue to function smoothly.

With your help and support, the Stateless children will be able to have a proper home and shelter, proper clothing and bedding and proper facilities, which will give the children the ability to learn and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.


Undercover Clothes Line Renovation Project

We have our heavy rain season between April and October. During this period the children need to have undercover clothes lines to to ensure that they will have dry clothes such as bedding and school uniforms when needed. They only have limited sets of school…


Gutter Replacement Project

The gutters for all of the buildings at the Rescue Mission were originally installed in 2003, and have served for collection of water for use by the children. The gutters are now completely worn out and torn and we really need your help and support to…


Academic Building Project

Among the things that the Akha Academy is trying to achieve are the following: To train our children to become self-sufficient. To provide the children under our care from the local Akha villages with a basic primary and secondary education through the Akha Academy. To…


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How You Can Help

Find out more about becoming a volunteer for the Rescue Mission for Children. With your support, the Stateless children will be able to have a proper home and shelter, and proper facilities.

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