April 2015

Morning starts at the Ahka Academy

March mornings we are starting to experience temperature changes. The early mornings are cold and the children move around with a blanket wrapped around them on top of a warm jumper.


At 6.00 am the children start their day with the daily devotion where they share a few heart lifting songs, to encourage each one to face each day as they get on with their lives. After that, the children will do 30 minutes of chores before they go to school. By 10.30 am the temperature warms up and only shorts and t-shirts are needed.By the time we enter into April, the weather becomes hot and we have to be ready for the unexpected summer storms which can be quite dangerous.

April features Gumcha


Gumcha, 7 years old Akha boy comes from the Burma border, has been with us since last year. He is a sensitive lad, very likeable and approachable. His family has moved around in different places and Gumcha had been living in various households for a long time before coming to us. Every morning before he goes to school for half an hour and every afternoon after school for another half an hour, Gumcha together with a few children in his team will sweep and clean all around the building.
Gumcha has an older sister called Boochoo. They have come from extreme poverty in an isolated village in Burma and without Rescue Mission for Children, would be very vulnerable, illiterate and not able to reach their potential.

A visit from graduated students


We had surprise visitors at the Akha Academy. Two of our graduated students, Achue Chermue and Nareerat Myer came to visit us this month. Achue is now working as a landscaper in Bangkok and Nareetrat is working in Chiangrai in a restaurant.

They both were so excited to see the younger children at the Akha Academy again. They were also pleased to see Samuel and Esther as they have known them since they were little. They stayed for a few hours to play with the children. They promised to come back and visit us again whenever they can.

It is wonderful to have had Achue and Nareerat visit us. It makes you realise that all our children have the potential if given the opportunity and in the safety of their environment.
There is a future for all.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.

Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

News from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia


The committee were so pleased to hear about Achue Chermue and Nareerat Myer visiting the centre. Achue was originally trained by our Project Manager, Michael, each time he visited the centre. This is an achievement indeed for these young people.
We have been very active in the past month raising funds through their regular BBQs. We also had a BBQ a local Caltex Garage. The Owner/Manager was so supportive of our mission donating a few ‘give aways’ for children and a fuel voucher.
We have also had a successful food drive during Lent at St Edwards Catholic Church. The amount raised will go towards our monthly food budget.


Our social information gatherings continue to spark interest in the community.
We are forever grateful for the ongoing contributions towards Rescue Mission for Children, especially through the Genesis Church. Every donation goes a long way towards our regular running costs – we are indeed blessed.

Your Australian Committee.