August 2016 newsletter

Learning to read and write..


Part of learning for the children is learning how to speak, read and write Thai and English for their communication skill. We often get the children used to the languages through songs theme. Some children take on this lesson as a challenging experience while others are quite new to this and lack self confidence. To make things easy for the children in learning how to read and write is to draft a standard format of letter, with basic information. Getting the children to copy the note and then read it out afterwards. It is quite funny as some of the children are unable to sound it out properly, but they take it in all in good humour and laughter.
Children making a thank you card:
Last Sunday after the devotion, the children got together to write a thank you card for their wonderful supporters.

Meet Apoh Myer..


Apoh Myer, a 6 years old Akha girl comes from Myanmar. She has been with us since May. Apoh is a very hospitable and friendly girl, very bright, happy and has a soft approach with other people. Apoh is a sweet little girl, who quickly made many friends here.

The Big Clean Up!.


Saturday is a perfect day for cleaning up and general other maintenance that is
needed on site. The quickest and most fun way of doing the chores is to get all of the children involved in basic cleaning activities. Not only you don’t have to ask, the children generally will come and ask themselves if they can join the activities if it seems to be fun.


All we have to do is make most activities fun and playful, and the job is done. As you can see in these pictures, they really got involved in cleaning the room next to the toolshed. Having children splashing water and getting the room clean with lots of laughter it turned out to be such a fun activity.


Thank you for your help and support for the children in our care and for giving them the opportunity to have a better quality life.

Asa Stevenson

General Manager – Rescue Mission for Children, Thailand.

News Update from Australia..


Paul and Dee have returned home for a short while and will be going back to the Mission next month.
In the three (3) months that they have been at the Mission in Thailand, the groundwork has been laid for the future. Great Job!
As mentioned in a previous newsletter, tree cutting has continued to protect some of the building, a massive general clearing of timber and steel lying around – “tons and tons” says Paul! So the site is now “pretty clean and looking good”, he says.
The mission also received 100 guava trees to plant – fantastic!!
There are still a lot of administrative tasks in the pipeline and upgrade of transport systems to take the children to and from school.
Paul and Dee are also trying to master the Thai and Akha language, meeting and networking with other organisations there, who are all working for the orphans and stateless children too.

Meanwhile, it is time now to catch up with their family and recharge before their return.