August News 2014 – No. 4

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Rescue Mission for Children. This is the Eighth regular newsletter to keep you informed of what’s happening at the Centre. Each newsletter I will share a little of the journey one child has had before they joined us. This weekend, we took the children to Maesuai fresh market to get food supplies. Samuel as a big brother taught the children the road rules of how to cross the road with safety and care. After the children learnt the road rules, Samuel took the little children to the Chinese grocery store and got the children to choose the treats and bought treats for every child. The children also came to see the fresh market where we get the supplies, they helped to picked vegetables and meat they like to eat. They learnt how to select the most freshly delivered vegetables. The children also learnt how to negotiate with the sales people and learned to speak the local Northern thai dialogue.

downloadFeature Child

Guan Siamlai is a 5 year old boy who comes from the Burma border and he has been with us for this year. His family has fled from war and conflict from the neighbouring country, Burma. Guan had to walk for miles for months before he reached the Thai border. Guan had never been to school and had no idea what school was. Now he has the stability of one place, can go to school and smiles everyday.


Feature Staff Member

Ama Buya is the matriarch of the Akha Academy. From the day of clearing the land to the first hole for the column, Ama Buya tirelessly helped to build the first permanent building, the home shelter for the stateless children. 15 years later, today she is continuing to help teach the children the traditional integrated farming method. Ama Buya likes to plant all of the local herbs and spices and reinforcing in the children to live as organic as possible. Ama Buya doesn’t come in everyday now at the Academy, but every now and then she comes in to teach the children how to grow herbs and spices.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.
Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy