December 2014 News No 13

End of the year news from the Akha Academy


At the beginning of November, we all got together to clean up the playground. We didn’t realise how much time we spent in the playground until the space seemed to be getting smaller and smaller!


It took the whole week to remove all the bamboo forms that were originally used for the work done on the slab and then left there for quite some time. The children all got stuck in one hour after school every day and by the end of Saturday afternoon, the sand had been sifted and ready for the children to play in.


The bigger space our clean up created in the playground is wonderful, with the children running around and chasing each other in a circle. Seeing children have so much fun in cleaning up and playing together afterwards like they never played before, made it all worthwhile.

downloadFeaturing Supaporn this month

Supaporn is a quiet 13 years old Akha girl who comes from the Burma border and she has been here for this year. Like many before her she has not had an opportunity to attend school and loves it. She likes Art and Crafts and her favourite subject is ‘Thai’. Supaporn enjoys the chance to go to school. She has settled in well doing her share of the required chores at the Academy. Her favourite animal is a cat.

downloadJust in time for Christmas

Nel, a Trekker Ted representative, came all the way from Melbourne, Australia to give the children beanies hats and the wool knitted Teddies. The children do not have toys, so this is a perfect Christmas gift for Christmas Day. With winter coming on, teddies to cuddle and beanies to wear this is perfect.

Thank you Australia, for your heart, your love and your kindness, and thank you Trekker Ted.

Asa Stevenson, General Manager –
Akha Academy.

2014 comes to an end for Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia

One would think it is time to ease off for the Christmas New Year break, but not so for the Committee here in Queensland, Australia.

Firstly a big thank-you to all the staff and Children of the Academy, for an incredible effort in clearing the playground and making it a safer place for them to play. Great Job!

We have had a very successful ‘Ladies Christmas Shopping bus trip’ in November and also have a great Stereo Home Theatre system raffle under way, which will be drawn in time for Christmas. Both events will see us through to 2015. What a great way to start the New year.

We cannot thank enough, those who give regularly and have given so generously in the past few months for their support and encouragement in our mission.
We still need to spread the word and our website: to many more, about our Vision and projects for the future. Without your help, the Committee cannot sustain the monthly needs to ensure the children of the mission are protected and cared for, are able to go to school and eventually support themselves in the community, and in time no longer stateless.

We look forward to 2015, to a growth in the Ahka Academy and an ensured development of the many projects required, sustaining the health and care of these children. Our vision is to develop a non-profit organisation, which facilitates aid programs, aimed at freeing the children of the Golden Triangle from oppression, poverty and exploitation. This in turn will assist in building a bright, strong and secure future for these children.

We wish all our sponsors, volunteers, partners and supporters far and wide a Holy and Blessed Christmas and Joyous New year.

Australia Committee for Rescue Mission for Children