December 2015

Last newsletter 2015 from Thailand.


The children at Rescue Mission for Children were truly blessed to have had Rebecca Whitehead stay with us. She is a volunteer 3rd year trainee doctor from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. She spent a full month here, which gave her the opportunity to give every child a thorough health check. She established a simple form of reporting on each child, ensuring the best care for them.

Many children required dental care so off to the dentist went Rebecca with the most urgent cases first and later many more.


Water system breaks down.An aging water system has been giving us a few problems of late requiring immediate attention.
This was initially resolved with the assistance of a local technician. Further discussions are now being held with Rescue Mission for Children Board members (Australia) as to the next steps required to establish a better water system.


A special visitor.
Janya Muepoh, a graduate student from Chiang Rai, Rajabhat University came to visit for a week. Rescue Mission for Children helped support her for 10 years. It was wonderful to see Janya achieve so much. She has now applied through her university programme, to go to America for 2 more years of further education. We wish her success in all her endeavours.

An update from Rebecca Whitehead


In the last days at the Mission Rebecca had a lot of loose ends to tie up before her departure.

• Pharmacy runs.
• Medicine cabinet check: what is really needed and not needed.
• A worming programme for the children
• Discussions with Asa and Abusah as to appropriate use of medication and advice on general care for the children.

Dental care has been a major priority for Rebecca and subsequent visits to the dentist have been very successful and with preventative care. She was delighted with this and hopes it continues into the future for the children of the mission.

Rebecca has implemented a number of hygiene processes for the children, especially brushing their teeth, hand washing, showering and skin care.

The Mission has now employed a cleaner, who Rebecca has reported that she is doing an excellent job of maintaining the dormitories, and is never short of work.

Rebecca says:’ I really believe that this is money well spent, and the children will most certainly benefit from having a clean environment to live in”.

Overall, Rebecca says she is extremely pleased with the health of the children.
However, while there is plenty of vegetables and rice, she feels that more protein and fruit is required. This has been addressed by the Board and immediately actioned.

She says: “Once again, I want to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for all your help in getting me to Rescue Mission for Children.”

“Being able to spend time with the children has been an incredible experience that will always hold a special place in my heart, and I look forward to returning at some point in the future”.

Rebecca, thank you from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (Australia) for dedicating your time at the mission and the immense task that you set yourself, to establish a criteria for the health and wellbeing of the children. You have set a benchmark for the future.

We wish you every blessing in your final year and hope that you and your family are richly blessed this Christmas.

downloadSharing a thought from Marg, a volunteer from the Genesis Church, that visited the Mission in September.

On arrival by bus at the Academy, we (the 25 volunteers) were greeted by the 30 radiant smiling faces of the children! What an awesome welcome!

They were a little tentative initially, but when they realised we were there to love them and stay a while, they responded with the warmest of hugs and enthusiasm.

As we were only there for 6 days, there was much to do in a very short time. Daily, the beautiful children went about their chores so willingly, then joined the volunteers for games, fun, rumbling, and lots of laughter.

These beautiful children are so respectful of adults and their peers alike, and they are completely unselfish in every way. We arranged a ‘birthday party’ for all of them, complete with lolly bags, party hats (which they made themselves), and ice creams (which they rarely get). Instead of gobbling down all their own lollies, they insisted on giving them away to the volunteers and the other children, rather than eat them themselves, so we had to explain that the lollies were a special treat for them and they could keep them to eat when they wanted.

This same unselfishness was displayed when we bought the children 6 two-wheel bicycles. They helped each other all have a ride. What fun for all of them!

These wonderful little children never complain! If one falls down and hurts him/herself, the other kids gather around to help them up and soothe them. They actually CARE so much for each other; something we could all learn from!


They have ‘nothing’ as we know it, but have ‘everything’ in their beautiful Christian hearts. To hear their angelic voices at 5:30am every morning and every evening as they worship, is such a magnificent blessing … they worship like nothing I have ever seen before.
These precious little ones know how much their Jesus loves and cares for them, and they praise Him accordingly. Through Jesus, Asa, Abusa, Deng, Amporn, and Omah (among others) have sewn selflessly and lovingly into these amazing little people. Endless blessings to each of you.”

Thank you Marg for your insight and sharing your amasing time with the children of Rescue Mission for Children.



This is the last newsletter for 2015, so all that remains is to wish all our Subscribers, Sponsors and Supporters, for Rescue Mission for Children, a blessed Christmas.

We look forward to your continued support in 2016 for these stateless children. We pray that they will continue to be safe in the care of the Mission and can look to a brighter future for themselves through faith, love, care and education provided.


Asa Stevenson. General Manager, Thailand


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