February 2015 No 2

News from the Akha Academy, Rescue Mission for Children Thailand


The older girls came up with great idea of how to get the younger children to have fun while preparing food. Each contestant will receive a reward once they have finished cutting up vegetable or fruit in the same shape that the older girls demonstrated to them. It turned out to be so much fun and the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Both boys and girls got involved in this. The vegetables of the day were cucumbers, long beans, cabbage, bukchoy, tomatoes and onions. The fruits of the day were water melons, papayas and grapples( cross apple & pear ). In the end each child received the reward and had such a laugh in the whole activity. It was a great dinner for all of us.


Khune, is 7 years old boy who comes from the Burma border, like many of the children here, having walked for miles, over many months, to reach us. He had never been to school or even what this meant. Now that he has this opportunity, he will be able to learn and be a part of the school system and have a better chance for the future. He is now safe and happy.

downloadGetting together……

Every night after dinner, we get together for a special time of fellowship. The children love singing and dancing so each week they learn a song and practice for one week. At the end of the week they will lead the song at the Sunday service.


Thank you for your heart, your love and your kindness
Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

News from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Management Committee – Australia

Things are certainly moving in very encouraging ways for the Academy, and this gives us great hope and faith to the future of the children there. So this month we would like to share the latest news with you:

Pastor Yesue Chermue is a 39 year old married Akha man with 3 children.
He is the Pastor of an Akha village church, which is affiliated with 2 other Akha village churches.
He has ministered at Rescue Mission for Children on a voluntary basis previously when he was single and when first married. However, the pressures of providing for his family and continuing with his ministry, has made it difficult for him to continue.

Genesis Christian Ministries, here in Queensland, Australia, has committed to sponsoring Pastor Chermue, to allow him to continue his ministry, to his church as well as to the academy, as our Pastor to the children. His only income is from the poor Akha congregation which is rice and food items, so this generous sponsorship now gives Pastor Chermue a basic wage.

His ministry to the children at the centre is 3 hours a week of bible study, worship training and Akha script. This is ministered at an appropriate age level for the children. The children from other hill tribes are also able to attend as Pastor Chermue is culturally sensitive to all the different ethnic tribes. He is also able to minister to any troubled children in a culturally empathetic way.

Pastor Chermue will also lead church every second Sunday at the centre and Asa will take the children to the village church every other Sunday. This will build fellowship and a sense of community for the children. Thank you Pastor Yesue Chermue for your dedication to the community around.

Genesis Christian Ministries is looking forward to building a partnership with Pastor Chermue to outreach to the Akha people and to encourage his church with evangelical visits.

We are very blessed and grateful to the Genesis Christian Ministries for their commitment to Rescue Mission for Children, and other Hill Tribes, ensuring they come to know of God’s goodness and kindness. They are all God’s children who are so well love.

Your Australian Committee.