January 2015 – No 1

Newsletter No 1 for 2015 from the Akha Academy

This is the first newsletter for the new year which I am dedicating to all supporters, helpers and children of RM4C.The greatest fulfilment of heart is to see the children transform, and to be full of hope of their future. This very reason gives us the determination to continue to help these children to have a better life and a future
despite their difficult circumstances.




The past year was the most challenging that RM4C and DAC Inc. have ever faced, yet we have been united in one accord and pulled through to this New Year 2015. Thank you to you Barry, Michael and Carmel, Noel, Lenore and Frankie for your efforts in every possible way to help, save this vital work of rescuing the lives of these children.
Sincere thanks to every supporters and helpers of RM4C, thank you for your help to support the vulnerable stateless children and give these children a better life and future they would never have without your help.


After nearly a year of learning, working as a team and being so good we all said and agreed that we deserved to have a Party Yeah! A Christmas Party! We invited the Akha community to come down and celebrate with us for this wonderful season. All of the food was prepared and cooked by the children. It was so tasty with grilled chicken and pork mince with lots of fresh veggies and papaya salad. It was a simple and peaceful and also a joyful, loving moment of time.
Thank you Australia for your heart, your love and your kindness.
Asa Stevenson, General Manager, Akha Academy.

Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia

Welcome to 2015 and to all our sponsors, volunteers, partners and supporters. We know this is not going to be an easy year for us but are prepared to do everything possible to see the Academy thrive and the Ahka Children safe and healthy, as they deserve to be.


Our new logo, which was introduced last year, is now very much part of our ethos, towards the Akha Hill tribe group and its children and many others needing protection from trafficking. The many hands are united together in the common cause to give all a chance for the future.
But this cannot be done without global, national and local support. This has to be our mantra! “Many hands make light work”

So we hope that this year, 2015, there will be many helping hands: by way of joining us as a member, donations, sponsorship of children as they come in and fundraising. The latter being crucial for ongoing every day needs and environmental maintenance

Australia Committee for Rescue Mission for Children