January 2016 Breaking News



We have now finalised the Terms Of Agreement regarding the appointment of a Manager at Rescue Mission For Children in Thailand. We are very pleased to introduce Paul and Dee Evans who will be taking responsibility for the operations, as well as collaborating with our Founder Asa Stevenson.
Paul and Dee have been busy raising funds and planning this deployment for 5 months now and despite a car accident on Christmas Eve they have remained committed to helping lead the organisation towards a successful future.



Paul is currently building a supporters network to fund the Management Team. He is setting up an online coffee distribution network which will help fund the development of a team, that will expand our capacity and increase the number of children in the future, that we can rescue from poverty, ignorance and slavery.


Leading Coffee Culture business, Supreme Roasters have generously provided one of their top blends of Coffee called ‘Beach’. This will give all our supporters the chance to drink a magnificent coffee with a vibrant combination of flavours that tantalises the palette and senses like a wave crashing onto the shore. Additionally, every time you enjoy a coffee alone or with friends you will be helping our children. We especially thank Roger Brite and his talented team at Supreme Roasters for the generous gift of award winning coffee beans and we are looking forward to a long and constructive relationship that will assist our organisation and be an incredible blessing to all the children in our care.

Soon it will be as simple as selecting the Coffee link on our website and you will have your beans ordered and delivered within a few days. Keep watch! The link will SOON be there.

The Management Committee of Rescue Mission For Children are pleased to bring you the news regarding the expansion of the Management Team and believe that Paul and Dee Evans are well suited to the management roles to which they have been appointed. Both Paul and Dee are people of integrity with a long track record of helping our organisation.

Their hearts have always been to help our children and now they have taken the opportunity to do something that counts for eternity. Paul is a qualified horticulturist and agribusiness man with years of experience in fresh produce production, project management and business administration and Dee was an Assistant Nurse before she took on the role of a Diversional Therapist in the Aged Care Industry. Together they offer all their gifts and talents to the physical, mental and spiritual development of our children.

We will keep you updated as to when Paul and Dee will depart for Thailand. Meanwhile, thank you again to all of our amazing fundraisers, sponsors and volunteers for your tremendous efforts and the invaluable support you gave during 2015. You have provided a future for our children.

Rescue Mission for Children, Management Committee.