March 2016 Newsletter



Words cannot fully describe the pride of our stateless children with their recent accomplishment.

You may remember Barb and Garry Hoolaeff, visitors from Canada, and mentioned in last month’s newsletter; no time was wasted putting their generous donation of a sewing machine to good use. Since, the children have been very busy following on from that lesson they had and have made themselves shorts.The material was purchased in the Chiangmai market also by Barb & Garry Hoolaeff. How wonderful is that?
The older children did most of the sewing, except the 1st pant, which was sewn by Barb as an example. It took them 2 weeks to complete all of the sewing in their spare time after school.
This is a great step forward from hand sewing to machine sewing. They will be able to develop their skills even further with practise and this will ultimately stand them in very good stead for the future as well as enhancing their self-worth.

They had the biggest smile on their faces which said it all! What an achievement!

About Amae Myer…..


Amae Myer, a 12 years old Akha boy comes from the Burma border and he has been with us since the start of this year. Amae’s family is so poor, that mum and dad were unable to support him. He has 6 more siblings that are living in the most poverty stricken situation.

Amae is a friendly boy, he is so likeable and approachable. He has easily made lots of friends and what a smile!
Amae has never known the concept of what a school is, therefore was not confident of going to school at first. He is in 1st-grade primary.

Having fun on a day outing….


Earlier this month we decided to go to the rainforest National Park, being the best thing for the children to cool down. Summer has only just started yet it is so hot.
The area has a natural pool within the stream so the children had a lot of fun playing and jumping in. We then went for a long walk in the forest afterwards.



Thank you for your continued support for the children at the Mission and giving them many opportunities.

Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy.
Many of our readers now know of the impending arrival of Paul and Dee to the mission as Residential Manager and Assistant Manager for a period. Visas and inoculation requirements needed have all been completed and they are now in the final stages of preparation.
Part of this process included asking a friend, Joan de Meillon, to set up a database in Microsoft Access to enter information of the Children; their Health and Vocational history; Parents/Guardian details; Volunteer visitations from which you can do queries and reports. This will be for practical information needed on a daily basis and an ideal platform for reporting to the Board.
Joan has had a background is Computers, as a Programmer and Senior Systems Analyst.
She says that her true calling is “serving” – I am very compassionate, humble and love people. To help children and teenagers to live “safe” and “healthy” lives is very rewarding and I love doing that type of work”.
She was a Back-to-School Administrator helping orphans in an informal settlement go to school and was the Manager of The Hope Centre for a NGO Company called I-Care who look after street children and rehabilitate them. “Mission work is also very big on my heart”, she says.
Thank you Joan from everyone.

So apart from the regular socials and fund-raising activities, The Board is preparing for the next AGM.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook, being the latest as it happens and keep us in your hearts.