MAY 2015



Soon after the Songkran festival and right in the middle of the school holidays, the Akha Academy was once again hit by a storm. Some roof tiles were lost, a few light bulbs and it knocked down a few trees. We ended up doing one big clean up week. This is our storm season so can expect this to happen again.


The children swept and mopped floors, gathered all of the debris to put back in the garden.We will now need to replace any roof sheets that are missing, broken or leaking before another storm hits.



Traditionally April 14 is Thai New Year day.
The celebrations last 1 to 2 weeks and includes, giving each other blessings by pouring water over each other. Of course, the children love this, as it is cooling in the Maesuai River, and it is not deep.



Don Baidy, a dear friend from the USA came and visited The Akha Academy for the day, as he does every time he visits Thailand. He took time to walk around the Academy.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.

Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

News from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia


We have had a very good month in April. This is largely due to Kathy and Frank who celebrated 50 years together and in lieu of gifts, their friends very generously donated to the Academy. Also, after a recent social gathering we have had an offer to replace the old worn out industrial washing machines and another offer to purchase a small fridge for our volunteers that go out to the Academy. Meanwhile, quotes are being obtained. A huge thank you to these generous supporters. Extra BBQs too have boosted operational funding for the month.

The Committee came to hear of the plight of 8 children, whose mother was very ill. It tore at our hearts so much that the Committee have decided to take them into our care. This was only possible due to the generosity of another sponsor. Now we need to find sponsors for these children and also more donors to cover the overall increase in operational expenses. While this has been a extraordinary good month, we have to continue to maintain sustainability and so we continue to take up the challenges that face us to ensure the continued safety and development of our children.

Your Australian Committee.