Last month, we enjoyed a most exciting adventure to Khun Korn waterfall, about one hour’s drive from the Mission. Lunch was prepared in the morning, and after our Sunday fellowship, we loaded up the vehicles and drove through beautiful scenery before arriving at the Park. As soon as we stopped, the children ran to the natural rock pools, splashing around, and rock hopping, slipping, sliding and yelling with excitement! After a quick picnic lunch, we all began to walk up the steep slope to get to the actual waterfall. Tramping about two kilometres through the most beautiful lush tropical rainforest, it was worth the huff and puff that we all went through, to experience the invigorating fresh air and very fresh cool water! The waterfall was spectacular! To see all the children splashing, rock climbing and having the time of their lives, made all the effort to get there worthwhile!



Another trip we did recently was a fruit picking adventure where the boys climbed the trees like agile monkeys and picked as many mangoes as they could, throwing them down to the children waiting expectantly below. It was mango heaven and the children had a feast!

The Akha art of cross-stitch embroidery..


Some of the girls have taken a keen interest in the Akha art of cross-stitch embroidery. The magnificent detailed work involved in this craft requires great patience and sitting in one position for long periods at a time but the result beautiful.


The children’s faces were beaming as they enjoyed making different patterns, and I think they have surprised themselves with their own creativity!The children’s faces were beaming as they enjoyed making different patterns, and I think they have surprised themselves with their own creativity!


I am so grateful and thank Abusah for being the best teacher to the children, with her patience and the willingness of her heart to share the knowledge of Akha traditional craftwork to the children.

This is Mali Myer..


Mali Myer, a 7-year-old Akha girl, comes from the border area of Thailand-
Myanmar. She was part of the group that joined us this year. Her parents were
unable to support Mali. She has two more siblings that are living in poverty
stricken situation, which makes life difficult for the family. Mali’s mum comes from the Lahu tribe. Mali’s real dad is no longer with the family and her mum recently remarried.
Mali is a quiet girl, with a very soft approach to other people. She is a sweet little girl who is slowly settling into life at the Mission and making new friends.

Thank you for your help and support for the children in our care and for giving them the opportunity to have a better quality life.

Asa Stevenson

General Manager – Akha Academy.


Paul and Dee send you all warm greetings from Mae Suai, Northern Thailand


Following the tragic fire that sadly killed 17 girls at Wiang Pa Pao in Northern Thailand, the local Regional School Directors inspected all children’s’ homes and boarding schools throughout the Chiang Rai Region. This was the first line of defence against a reoccurrence of such a tragic incidence.

Rescue Mission for Children has had visits from the Police and Senior Local Authorities from Mae Suai and have been advised to expect more inspections in the future. Initial comments from the Regional School Directors were very good and so rewarding for the hard work done so far.

Rescue Mission for Children has since deployed a proactive approach for the safety of the children, in its immediate response to installing fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in each dormitory and the kitchen.
The Site Manager at Rescue Mission for Children has also taken the initiative to develop and implement a Safety Plan. Fire Safety signage is now being installed onsite along with a fire alarm system and fire drills for our children will commence in the next few days.
All at Rescue Mission for Children are grateful for the financial support and input they have received from the Management Committee in Australia and importantly the Regional School Directors and other inspectors. They have all been happy with Rescue Mission for Children’s response, as well as the risk management measures that have been taken.

Around the grounds..

We have continued the work of restoration here at Rescue Mission for Children with the chainsaw, brush cutters, hoes, rake and wheelbarrows, tractor and slasher getting good use.
With plenty of rainfall (we have had some good storms here), and tropical temperatures, it does not take long for the vegetation to grow prolifically and now there is much brush-cutting taking place! Paul has cleared old dead trees from the driveway, and it is looking so much better now. We are planning to do a landscaping project with volunteers later in the year, to beautify the entrance to the Mission

Half way through our 3-month swing, Paul and I had a 5-day getaway in Bangkok, staying in my cousin’s apartment while she was overseas. What a wonderful time we had, but we really missed the children’s cuddles! Rescue Mission children are awesome and amazing and we love them. They sure know how to enjoy their weekend adventures
There are many projects in the planning but we need the funds to commence and complete them! Please consider sponsoring a project, and in the process, you will be a part of changing precious children’s lives for good.
Sending love and blessings from Thailand…Paul and Dee Evans

News from Australia – Down Under..



Students from Kings Christian College recently engaged in an interactive presentation given by Lenore Dickson, our Child Sponsorship Coordinator. She highlighted the dangers and risks Hill Tribe children and their communities face from human traffickers and exploitation.
After learning about these vulnerable children, each student then studied a child’s profile, to select appropriate gifts for a care package and wrote a heartfelt card to attach to each one.


Lenore will distribute these gifts amongst our 40 children, at the annual birthday party in September, held for all our children, as they have no birth dates or ever celebrate their special day.

Thank you Kings Christian College students for making a difference to these children’s lives in such a caring way!

A big focus for the Board is the Health Management of the children at the Mission. We have recently received a sizeable donation, from a Mudgeeraba Foundation, to use for an immunisation program for the children. This will go a long way to protecting our children against the common trends of communicable diseases that our own children are immunised against as a matter of course.

We sincerely thank the Mudgeeraba Foundation for their generosity and support.
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