November 2015 Newsletter

The latest from Rescue Mission for Children Inc.


Doctor for a Day.

A medical team came for the day from California USA.  Dr. Kevin Ferguson is a coordinator of a team that has been coming over for the past 10 years. They spend a day examining all the children.


School holiday activity!

All the children were on holiday during last month so spent time around the academy.
One particular Saturday morning, Robyn and Deborah came early in the morning to wake me up and said “ let go and collect coffee cherry and do some planting. Deborah then said: “ I can do that and Robyn can go and water the paw paw seedlings. Paw Paw is one of many fruits used in a Thai Salad.

Featuring Oguthi


Oguthi is 8 Years old Akha boy who came to the Academy this year. He comes from a poor family of 5 children and in the past has often gone without food. This is his first experience of school with us and we hope we can continue to provide a future for him. Oguthi was one of the children who was taken to the dentist for dental care.
Oguthi needs a second tier sponsor to support his health care, uniforms and essentials. All this for only $35.00 per month.

Thank you for your help and support for the stateless children and give them life opportunities.

Asa Stevenson, General Manager – Akha Academy

From the Board – Beck Molyneux‎ arrives at the Rescue Mission for Children Academy.


This last month we welcomed Rebecca Molyneux, a trainee doctor and former nurse to the Academy.
Her insight to the health and wellbeing of the children are going to be invaluable to us.
Rebecca has already identified a need:
• For an immunisation program for the children.
• For dental care and education of the same, how to clean their teeth, and to do so regularly. Toothbrushes have been given to all the children recently but there is an obvious need of supervision and a routine to be established.

o A recent trip to the local hospital with 10 children, to see a dentist. This was quite an experience for Rebecca. She was disappointed that only basic treatment was given. Extractions and fillings and not much more on this trip. There was no preventative care and plaque not removed. However, the dentist was great and very efficient.
o Rebecca will be prioritising her dental list

• Scabies: it has come to the board’s attention from Rebecca that some of the children have scabies.
o Rebecca visited six (6) chemists, but no one had what she was after for scabies treatment, using best practise guidelines. She will be broadening her horizons to scale down for a suitable alternative cream treatment.
She has summed up her recent comments by saying: “ I am very excited to have this opportunity to engage with the Akha community, and look forward to sharing our journey with you all over the coming weeks.”
We look forward to her official report at the end of her month at the Academy, addressing the keys issues for the health and ongoing g care of the children at the Academy

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