November News 2014 – No. 1

What has been happening at the Akha Academy?

This month has been very exciting for the children of the Akha Academy. Lenore Dickson, RM4C Secretary and her sister-in-law, Robyn visited the Academy recently. Towards the end of their stay they put on the biggest birthday party ever.


The children had so much fun, playing games, lots of prizes, lollies and balloons galore. The children made crowns with bright colours, making them feel very important.


There was a special lunch with the most delicious perch fish stew, noodle soup with raw vegetable & bean sprout and afterwards the nicest coconut ice-cream cone for dessert. Then the funniest games started. We just laughed so hard playing musical chairs, balloon swapping and ‘Pin the tail on the elephant’.


The final memorable moment was the giving of a birthday present to every child. It was a special experience for these children, who have never celebrated a birthday before. They had the widest smiles on their faces. Yes indeed, it was a truly wonderful birthday party for the children, who will remember it for life.

downloadFeaturing Joseph!

Joseph is a 13 years old Akha boy who comes from the Burma border, who arrived this year. Joseph came from a very poor family with 5 sisters and brothers. His family moved in various locations throughout Burma before he reached the Academy. Joseph wanted to go to school for a long time, but never had to opportunity until this year. He smiles every day, now that he has the stability of one place where can attend school. This is a new beginning for him.

downloadChildren going back to school

The children were all excited to go back to school for their second semester. Here the children are all dressed in the variety of uniforms. At school they thoroughly enjoy being a kid, learning, making friends with other children at the school.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.

Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

News from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia

Welcome to the first news edition from your Committee, keeping you in touch with relevant events and updates from Australia. We have been extremely busy with general business activities and guidelines to ensure continuing support for the children of the Akha Academy.


Our President Barry and his daughter Desiree have worked tirelessly in setting up the backbone of this new website. We hope you find it user friendly and informative.

While many fundraising events are being considered, a major one for this month is a shopping trip for the ladies just in time for Christmas. Of course we intend to have fun too – Champagne lunch and raffles.

The Committee is looking to increase our member base and so to this end we had the first social gathering with invited guests. It was a great night and look forward to continuing these gatherings on a quarterly basis.

Thanks to Lenore’s recent visit to the Academy, we are now able to identify the most earnest needs for the children.  As you can appreciate, these needs could well change in priority over time There is wear and tear and the encroaching winter too that will alter priorities.

We would welcome any support and or assistance from individuals and groups in any capacity. As Robyn, a recent volunteer said in a letter to us:”I would recommend supporting this worthwhile mission”. So have a look at the website, join our mission and above all keep the children in our hearts.

Your Australian Committee.