October 2015 Newsletter

A huge team from Australia visits the Academy in September.


September has been a big month for the Academy with the arrival of 25 people from the Gold Coast Genesis Church. There were people from all age groups and families as well.
What an experience they had!


Birthday time again!

For a number of new children at the academy this was a wonderful new experience. Decorations were put up to get into the party mood. The food was prepared all together. Everyone enjoyed Pork Mince Meat, sticky rice, and paw paw salad. Desert included ice-cream with a variety of flavours.
Then it was party games, musical statues, pin the tail on the elephant, and lots more.
There were so many treats and sweets for the children too. Finally there was a soccer match between the children and the young Aussies. This certainly used all the children’s energy and finished up the lovely day.

Akha Script Heritage; together with a movie night was very popular. This Friday night we all joined together in learning Akha Script with Pastor Yesue. The lesson started with revision of what we previously learnt with all the Akha letter characters, the phonics then later blending of the word.
The children also learnt the scripture of the week in Akha. Some of the children came forward to read to the class. We enjoyed listening to the children and see the progress they are making in learning Akha Script.
Some of our Aussie friends jumped up and participated in the class. This was quite
Hilarious to see and hear.
Afterwards we had a movie night together with all the volunteer visitors.

Our feature child – Natha Myer


Feature Child – Natha Myer
Natha is a 6 year old little girl from the Akha-Lahu tribe and from the Huayyo Village in Myanmar.

She comes from extreme poverty and a family of 3 boys and 2 girls. Her parents wanted their girl to be safe from human traffickers and to be empowered through education by us at the Academy.

She has never been to school so coming to the Academy is a new experience for her. Here she will be able to grow under everyones influence and be a happy contented little one.
Natha is thankful for an education, safety and nutritious food every day. This has been possible through sponsorship for her.
Sponsorship gives hope and a future to this vulnerable child.

Thank you for your help and support for the stateless children and give them life opportunities.
Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

The Australian Rescue Mission for Children Board News update



The recent bus trip was a great success. We visited some new outlets this time as well as some we had been to before. The ladies enjoyed the delicious lunch that was provided by the Brisbane River on a beautiful sunny day, with our glass of champagne (Rescue Mission team Jacinta, Doug, Rodney and Michael)had the marquee’s up with the food ready to go when we arrived. Thanks Team for setting this up for us.
We had lots of raffles during the day with the bus driver winning 3 of them so much so that we threatened to have him thrown off the bus! Lots of laughter and a good time was had by all. /> Rescue Mission for Children Inc. – Nerang … – Facebook


 Genesis Church from the Gold Coast in Queensland visited the Academy in September.

Fireworks, parties, soccer, beading, games, presents and fun!!! This sums up the volunteer trip of a lifetime for both Rescue Mission children and the 25 Aussies who spent 1 week in September.

Of course there was painting, slashing, fixing and wiring electrics, mending school uniforms, repairing plumbing, carpentry, creating a recreation room, repairing roofing and so much more!!

Put the two together and a wonderful and productive volunteering experience for all, the group ranged in age from 5 years to 81 years young, planning has begun for next year already.
Thank you Rescue Mission for Children Inc for caring for these vulnerable children who have stolen the hearts of all the volunteers!

Lenore Dickson Sponsorship Co-ordinator.

We are indeed so grateful and blessed that many wonderful people are sponsoring our children. Now that we have our 3 tier system well under way we can ensure that not only are the children well cared for, the facilities are maintained to support them and hopefully more in the future.


Your Australian Committee.