September News 2014 – No. 1

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Rescue Mission for Children. This is the Ninth regular newsletter to keep you informed of what’s happening at the Centre. Each newsletter I will share a little of the journey one child has had before they joined us. In the past weeks, we have had the continued, unstoppable rain that after nearly 2 weeks of rain, the Academy land boundaries along the creek just collapsed and slid down the creek. The water was as high as 4 to 5 metres and the water current was so strong that it destroyed our water catchment system down beside the creek. The prolonged heavy rain eroded the land along the creek and a lot of the trees and bamboo clusters also went down with the land slide. We had to fix the creek water catchment system as soon as possible as we rely on the creek as our main source of water supply. It is impossible for the Academy to continue to function without the water from the creek. The older children were all quickly jumping in to help fix the water catchment system. They all worked so hard, the good part was to work in the cool water.


Feature Child

Rakchanok ( Deborah ) is a 7 year old girl that has been with us from the beginning. She is the second daughter of Dang and Abusah. The family has served at the Akha Academy for 14 years. Deborah is studying grade 2 this year. Deborah loves IT and is very fast in this particular subject. Deborah is purely naive and innocent in every inch of her character. Deborah is so straight forward that she cannot tell you anything otherwise. Deborah is responsible for sweeping and mopping the floor in the house. Deborah is also an intern in babysitting the youngest sister with Mary, her older sister. Justice is a big subject with Deborah, so she is very fair to other people and she also expects other people to be very fair with her and others.


Fellowship with others

What we love to do most always seems to be the hardest thing to find the time to do. It’s great to have friends from all around the world whom we have never met before, but have the same passion to share time and moments of fellowship with one another for one purpose. We love to hear people sing songs in different languages and doing skits in different languages and just laughing our heads off. Thank you for the opportunity to share joy, fun and love.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.
Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy