September News 2014 – No. 2

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Rescue Mission for Children. This is the Tenth regular newsletter to keep you informed of what’s happening at the Centre. Each newsletter I will share a little of the journey one child has had before they joined us. As a result of the continued heavy rain for the past 3 weeks, there are so many different locations of land slides, some locations were just too close to the living quarter of the Academy. We have had to get some heavy root plant species to replant along the bank of the property that were affected by the heavy rain and land slides. We chose some eatable fig trees and non eatable ones to go further along the area. We also chose some Avocado seedlings and planted them closer to the living area and a whole lot of Tamarind seedlings, which hopefully will grow in to big trees in the very near future as we desperately need the plants to hold the bank of the property together. The children had a lot of joy with planting.

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Yermue Myer (Loommue), a ten year old orphan Akha boy from the Burma border has been with us for this year. His mum died when he was really young, the family has split and Loommue had been living in various households for a long time. As a result of no one caring for him, he is quite slow in his development. Loommue has never known school. Loommue now has the stability of one place, goes to school and smiles everyday.

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As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, what we love to do most always seems to be the hardest thing to find the time to do. One of the favourite activities for the boys at the Academy is making toys or making playable tools. Samuel grew up with having a bow and arrow as his very first toy from grandpa and he is now showing the boys at the Academy how to make them out of bamboo. It’s great to see the children so excited, enthusiastic and wanting to learn how to make their own toys. The boys made one for each person, they were all wanting to have a go at trying to play and find out who can shoot at the closes target, who can shoot the farthest and who can shoot the highest. It is such a worth while activity where children build friendship, bond with each other and impart the basic skill of craft work.

Thank you for your prayers, love and ongoing support.
Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy