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Give $45 Monthly

The Child Sponsorship funds go towardsIMG_3498 the care and welfare of the children at the Rescue Mission for Children. The child Sponsorship fund is a three tier structure that provides a home, shelter, three healthy meals per day, clothing, medical care, education and vocational skills training. This is the very core of our existence as a mission to rescue those children who are at risk.

Tier 1 Child Sponsorship

$45 per month will provide food and educational fees

Tier 2 Child Sponsorship

$35 per month will provide health care, uniforms and all other essentials

Tier 3 Operational Sponsorship

Amount of your choice, monthly, will go towards providing facility maintenance, electricity, water filtration and transport.

* PLEASE NOTE the children for sponsorship on the following page currently require Tier 2 Child Sponsorship ONLY *

Sponsor a Child