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  • My name is Supada

    I am a 9 year old female from Thai/Myanmar border. My birthday is 01/01/2011. Supada is going to school for the first time and enjoying the routine and stability of a loving and caring environment. Supada has a single mother who is unable to care for Supada at this time, she hasnt had opportunities to learn and is at risk of neglect and abuse in the situation she was living in. Supada is enjoying a new start with good friends and loving house parents.

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  • My name is Ratchanok

    I am a 7 year old female from Thailand. My birthday is 01/09/2013. Ratchanok is settling in well to Rescue Mission, she has her older sister with her, both girls were living with aged Grandmother and not able to go to school. She is enjoying Preschool. Their older sister has struggled to support her 4 siblings as their parents have split and abandoned them. Ratchanok is a Lahu Hill tribe child. She has already had a difficult journey but with love and care she will thrive at Rescue Mission.

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  • My name is Kanokwan

    I am a 13 year old female from Thailand. My birthday is 13/08/2007. Kanokwan is is a bright child who wants to go to school, she is Year 5 but her parents have left Kanokwan and her siblings with Grandma in a remote village and it is too far from any school. Kanokwan is Lahu Hilltribe and her older sister is working to support her 4 siblings. Kanokwan is thankful for a stable home and the opportunity to continue her education. She has had a very difficult life already.

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  • My name is Pohlu

    I am a 7 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2013. Pohlu is with his brother Jonathan have no adults to care for them, they have a drug addicted Akha Father and Lahu mother who have abandoned them, the parents have no income, shelter or ability to care for the boys. Pohlu enjoys games like chasing, climbing and knuckles with rocks. Thank you for giving this child hope and a future.

    Sponsor Pohlu

  • My name is Bupoo

    I am a 5 year old female from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2015. Bupoo is is a cheerful child, she likes to draw, play make believe games and has settled in well at school, she is in Prep and has a bright future ahead. Bupoo has begun a full health programme including blood tests, immunisation and dental checks.. Bupoo has a single mother who has no land to farm and lives hand to mouth, she lives in poverty and this makes Bupoo very vulnerable to human traffickers, Bupoo has no access to health care or education in the remote village setting.

    Sponsor Bupoo

  • My name is Leeju

    I am a 11 year old male from the Thai/Myanmar border. My birthday is 01/01/2009. Leeju is settling in well, he has his twin brothers with him at Rescue Mission. Leeju and his twin brothers were abandoned by his parents and was living on the street begging for food. Leeju is so happy to resume his education, regular food and the safety of a caring home.

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