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  • My name is Nosaya

    I am a 13 year old female from Myanmar. My birthday is 24/09/2010. Nosaya is a friendly and bright girl, Nosaya has a ready smile for everyone at Rescue Mission. Noysaya has been at Rescue Mission 6 years with her sister, both girls have no family to care for them. Nosaya is in Year 6 Primary, Noysaya had life changing eye surgery 4 years ago to correct severe squints in both eyes. Until then she had double vision and found school work difficult. Nosaya is thankful for education and health care. Her life has been lived in poverty with little opportunity for a healthy future.

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  • My name is Aya

    I am a 16 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 01/01/2007. Aya is very responsible and helpful. Aya enjoys soccer and all ball games, Aya is in Year 8 High School, he hopes to enrol into Government Trade College in 2025. Aya's family live in a remote mountainous village where survival is difficult, he has 2 older siblings and his parents are thankful for the opportunity for Aya to break the poverty cycle through education, as their lives are a subsistence living, with no access to health care or any assistance due to being Stateless.

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  • My name is Oghuti

    I am a 15 year old male from Myanmar. My birthday is 20/03/2008. Oghuti is has been at Rescue Mission 9 years along with his brother. He is always smiling and is a popular friend. They are both good soccer players. Oghuti is in Year 8 High School, his dream is to be a mechanic, by attending Trade College in 2025. Oghuti is thankful for an education, safety and nutritious food every day.

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