June 2015



What an exciting month this has been with 8 more children joining our Academy. They are now all going to school. The new children come from different circumstances and mixture of races. Some even travelled all day from the north to meet up with us at the border. The children looked young, vulnerable and so lost.


The children quickly adapted to their new home, so happy and thrilled to be at Akha Academy, asking if they could learn Thai and English straight away. The children were all from different location and yet they bonded as a dear friend so quickly. The minute we met, we spontaneously fell in love with them.

To see children being transformed from lost, confused, at risk and vulnerable to exploitation, into such happy children, becoming more fulfilled and so hopeful for the future is so exciting for us.


Once again the stateless children found love at the Akha Academy. Thank you for your help and support for the stateless children and giving them a life saving opportunity.

Asa Stevenson
General Manager – Akha Academy

June News from Rescue Mission for Children Inc. (RM4C) Committee – Australia

First and fore-mostly we congratulate our President, Barry on his recent marriage to Junette.


Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last week, with the previous committee having been voted back in. We also welcome one new member, Jessica, who will be our secretary while Lenore will concentrate solely on sponsorship. Congratulations and welcome Jessica

While it seems that we have had a quieter month, a great deal of planning has been going on. There are a number of approved volunteers’ visits to the in the many months ahead and with that different work projects are being discussed.

We are very fortunate to have a 3rd year medical student (she is also a critical care nurse), keen to visit the Ahka Community and our Centre, as part of her degree. She will give medical care, record and create a health/medication register of all our children and teach basic health and hygiene to the staff and children.

I know that our Vice-President and project manager, Michael is very excited that some much needed works will be done, particularly in improving our volunteers accommodation and general necessary maintenance around the buildings. We are about to have our industrial washing machine No1 repaired and a small fridge for our volunteers thanks to generous donations.

Michael says” that he would like to thank all those involved with projects, fund raising and members of Rescue Mission for Children, for their ongoing support, without which, it would not be possible to continue”. Yes indeed, it is everyone’s support that makes his task as Project Manager all the easier. Check on line for more on the projects, which can be independently funded through your donations.

As these volunteers visits happen we will share a lot more information with our readers. Meanwhile, please keep us in your prayers that the Academy will continue to grow in support of our vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Your Australian Committee.